Updates and Life and Such

So five months after my last post (which was also on hiatus for seven months), I am back. Life is crazy and beautiful and stressful and amazing isn’t it? In the last five months, I have done some crazy things. In the last week of my college career I:

  1. Graduated from college
  2. Left the job that got me where I am today (shout-out to SPL!)
  3. Got an interview call 2 minutes before leaving SPL on my last day
  4. Moved from Spokane (the day after graduation)
  5. Moved in with my amazing man ❤
  6. Went to said interview
  7. Got the job and started June 8 (just a meager 17 days after graduation).

That is life friends. A whirlwind, rollercoaster, joy ride of a life. There are ups, downs, and side to sides but one thing I know for sure – I will never be able to anticipate what comes next. It is crazy to think that in less than a month, Whitworth students will be flocking to Spokane in the hundreds, all geared up to start the school year. And for the first time since I was four years old, I won’t be going to school.

I can tell you that it is a very bittersweet feeling that one. In some ways, this summer has felt like any other – going by too quickly, wishing it would slow down. But this year is different. This year I don’t have to get school supplies, books, or move again. This year I get to stay with the man that I am lucky enough to call mine, in what has now become my home, and keep working a job that will provide me with endless opportunities for growth. For the first time, I don’t have to leave just when I feel like I’m getting started.

Whitworth and Spokane were my home for four years – I am still deeply attached to those places. But now, I’m only attached with memories and the people that still inhabit the place so dear to my heart. I can’t believe that I am doing this thing called life and that things worked out, even when I was panicking that life was over.

Just a friendly word of advice to all the people that are going into college or getting ready to start their final year – don’t take for granted ANYTHING. Go to something just for free food, get the house with friends, be crazy and stupid, go to the games/dances/movies, hang out with friends, make mistakes, stay up too late, order take out, get drunk and have the hangover of a lifetime*, and whatever you do GO STUDY ABROAD.

I promise you that all of it will one day be great stories you get to tell coworkers over lunch. Don’t regret anything that you do because you’re going to look back on it and realize that it all had a purpose – it lead you to where you needed to be. Trust in God’s plan for you and you’ll be okay.

*Don’t drink on campus my Whitworth friends, I promise it isn’t worth it. Also: DD’s are your friend (literally), so be safe if you do happen to partake in the inebriation game

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