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Students voice experiences living on and off campus: Tyler Friends

By Shyanne Faulconer

Senior marketing major, Tyler Friends, technically lived on campus for three year because of his trip to Costa Rica last spring. As a freshman and for fall semester as a junior, Friends lived in Duvall Hall. As a sophomore he stayed in Boppell Hall.

“Freshman year was very fun and exciting,” Friends said. However, he found that Boppell was much more quiet and toned-down in comparison to Duvall, and that he was not home much because it was too quiet, he said.

Friends chose to live in Duvall his freshman year based on his stay as a prospective student, at which time he stayed in Duvall, he said. The pod layout of Duvall is unique to that dorm, and he loved that, he said.

Friends is one other student that prefers to live off campus rather than on campus, he said. The main reason he decided to move off campus was because it is significantly cheaper for him to live off campus instead of on campus.

“I like the freedom and ability to do things with no rules while learning to grow up,” Friends said. Now he has an escape from campus, he said.

One suggestion that Friends would like to give to future off campus students is to “still establish a sense of community when living off campus,” which can be difficult because there are fewer people than a dorm, he said.

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