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Students voice experiences living on and off campus: Molly Roloff

By Shyanne Faulconer

“I loved living in Baldwin-Jenkins, I loved freshman year,” junior Molly Roloff said. Roloff, an accounting and Spanish double major, visited Whitworth prior to attending and stayed in the only all-freshman dorm at the time, Baldwin-Jenkins Hall, affectionately referred to as B.J. by Whitworth students.

Roloff said that staying in the dorm while visiting really impacted her preference of dorm when coming to Whitworth as a freshman. Baldwin-Jenkins was her first choice listing when choosing dorms for freshman year, and she ended up being placed there when the school year started, she said.

“Most of my close friends now I met in B.J.,” Roloff said. She wanted to live in Baldwin-Jenkins not only because that was where she stayed as a prospective student, but also because she thought that it would “be cool to living in an all-freshman community,” she said.

As a sophomore, Roloff lived in Arend Hall, but was only there for fall semester and Jan-Term before studying abroad in Costa Rica in the spring.

Roloff said that the number one reason she chose to move off campus was because of the cost, and that “it is much cheaper to live off campus.” She was “over” the dorms, though she did have fun freshman year, and was ready to take the next step toward independence, she said.

“I like coming to campus because I don’t live here,” Roloff said. Roloff currently works as a HUB Manager so she still spends a substantial amount of her time on campus.

She wouldn’t have chosen to live off campus as a freshman even if she would have had the choice, but she certainly would not live back on campus now that she has lived off campus, she said.

One suggestion Roloff has be for students that are transitioning from on campus to off campus housing is to mentally prepare for an overwhelming first month—you have to start from nothing with food and other basic household items.

Something Roloff didn’t expect when moving off campus was that she had to go out of her way to be connected with the campus community—it takes more initiative, she said.

“You have to put much more of an effort to be involved on campus and to maintain relationships,” Roloff said.

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