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Students voice experiences living on and off campus: Jenna Maneotis

By Shyanne Faulconer

Like Molly Roloff, Jenna Maneotis lived in Baldwin-Jenkins Hall as a freshman and Arend Hall as a sophomore—the two were even roommates in Arend.

“My experience living on campus was good because I had all good roommates who all ended up being my best friends,” Maneotis said. She also attributes her good experience with having really good resident assistants the two years she lived in the dorms.

Maneotis, an elementary education major, has also preferred living off campus. Her main reason for that preference is cost, since she is paying about half of what she would be paying in room and board on campus to live off campus.

“It’s nice to not be looking at school out my window all day,” Maneotis said. Living off campus has been “more calm and quiet than a dorm and you can have a couch that isn’t in the same room as your bed,” she said.

Maneotis enjoyed living on campus for two years and that it was required of her to do so, but she wouldn’t have chosen to live on campus the second year if Whitworth did not require it, she said. She wanted a full kitchen and a house environment, she said.

The main downfall of living off campus for her has been that she misses being able to walk everywhere she needed to be with five to seven minutes, she said. She now must drive to campus every day, especially if she has to be somewhere right before or right after class since she cannot walk home in less than 15 minutes, she said.

“If you want to be friends with the people you live with and after you move out, you can’t pick each other apart and teach other down,” Maneotis said.

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