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Perspectives: Alan Jacob, Associate Director of Student Housing

By Shyanne Faulconer

You just can’t have too much of a good thing, Whitworth University Associate Director of Student Housing, Alan Jacob said about living on campus at Whitworth.

Whitworth University currently charges $2,784 per semester per occupant for a double room, which is one of the five available room options and the most common; all ten of the dorms on campus offer double rooms.

The other room formats include single rooms at $3,324 per semester, triple/quad rooms at $2,628 per semester, Boppell suites at $3,048 per semester, and theme houses at $2,848 per semester. These costs are based on a per-occupant pricing.

“We base our housing on a thousand factors and the local housing rates are a very small part,” Jacob said. The number of occupants per room is how the university decides on prices of rooms, which does not include the cost of a meal plan.

The pricing of a standard double room ends up being approximately $670 per month per person for eight months of housing on campus, which includes maintenance fees, utilities and internet, and water, sewer, and garbage costs.

“Almost everyone who is informed sees value in living on campus,” Jacob said. Some of that value comes from not having to pay monthly bills, 24/7 security on campus, Residence Life available to mediate conflicts, provided furniture, and a sense of belonging to the campus community, Jacob said.

Some of the main long-term benefits of living on campus include, but are not limited to, an increase in on-time graduation rate, a higher GPA, more connection to the campus, other students, and faculty, and alumni that are more likely to donate to the school after graduating.

“It takes time to mature and grow, and it can be confusing but if done in a safe environment we can get through those difficulties together,” Jacob said.

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