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It’s that time of the year…again.

Whitworth LoopWell, it is officially spring at Whitworth. And for those who are not familiar with the Whitworth atmosphere, spring is the time of decreasing motivation, increasing workload, and sunny days. It’s at this time of the year (and the semester really) that I realize how far I’ve come, how far I need to go, and how much work it takes to get there.

I am finishing my third year here at Whitworth, and want to take some time to share with you some of my thoughts as the year comes to a close:

1. Whitworth is beautiful in the spring.

No seriously. If you haven’t been here when it starts to get warm and sunny you need to. You’ll be overwhelmed with joy.

2. It is easy to forget how much I’m paying for school, and what that really means.

Not only does the amount I pay for school signify the amount of student loans that I will later have to pay back; it signifies the worth that I am putting on my education. I value my education and my experience enough to sit through class on a sunny and 70* day, because I know that the lessons, critique, challenges, and joys I face will be well worth it in the end.

3. Whitworth professors are the

Yes. I really did just say that. And no I don’t regret it. Truly: Whitworth professors are the best people I know–I can go into their office when they’re not even supposed to be on campus and meet with them to talk about papers, class, or life (whatever happens to need discussing). They are the people I not only seek academic advice from, but the people that I seek life advice from as well. I love knowing that I have a relationship with my professors that extends outside the walls of the classroom–they are loving people that genuinely want to get to know you. That, my friends, is amazing.

4. Being stressed out about classes is unavoidable, but not the end of the world.

I constantly need reminding of this–I have gotten through it before, I will get through it again. Every semester is different, and that will definitely impact the way things go. But in a way it is reassuring to know that no matter what happens life will move on–whether you get the assignment done or not, do all of them and get no sleep, or don’t do as well as you would like. Life will go on, and you will look back on this in a few months and not even remember what exactly it was that was stressing you out so bad.

5. Sometimes it feels like it really sucks, but I know that I’m going to miss it.

Having a positive attitude is not always easy, especially in the face of such a huge workload and other responsibilities, but it is worth it to take the time every day and reflect: about life, school, what you’ve accomplished, and what you hope to accomplish in the coming months and years. It is so important to not get bogged down in the every-day that you forget to appreciate the little things too. It’s days like today that make me happy and sad–I’m so close to finishing school, and that is both exciting, terrifying, and saddening. I am excited for the future, scared for the unknown, and sad to know I will be leaving the place and the people that have become my home and my family.

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