Accepting that You Aren’t Always Going to Get that Perfect Job


Recently, I applied for an internship position that was PERFECT–it was in my potential career field, was the proper duration, and was even paid. That is very rare in the world of internships. About a week after I applied, I got a phone call saying that they wanted to set up an interview with me and I was super excited.

That is until yesterday when I got an email saying that they cancelled the position entirely and were not hiring for it. I was disappointed and upset to say the least.

I had been looking forward to having my first phone interview as well as the possibility that I could be getting the job. I was angry that they cancelled it and was frustrated at the company and at myself for allowing my excitement to bubble too much.

I have a horrible habit of letting things really get me down, and letting whatever it is drag my mood into negativity. Recently I had made the decision to actively notice when I was being overly negative and do something to change it.

All I had to do was accept that there was nothing I could control in the situation, that it had nothing to do with my abilities, and to let it go. That is much easier said than done, but re-framing how I was thinking about the situation made all of the difference.

Instead of focusing on how upset I was all day, I actively chose to think of the situation in a positive way: this opportunity obviously was not something that God intended me to pursue and because that was the case He shut the door. But as they say, when one door closes another one opens.

There is a saying that I love (and have no idea where it came from) that says: “Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway.”

Accepting that there will be closed doors, road blocks, and detours that you can never plan for is part of life and it is part of trusting God’s will for your life.

Sometimes, it is okay to not get the job you think you want–you never know what could be behind the next door.

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